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Scented Candle Breathe


These delicious scented candles by Manchester Candles are all handmade and made of natural oils and a mix of soy- and rapeseed wax. 

Choose your personal scent for meditation, relaxation etc etc.

Small Candle: 120ml, burning 25hrs

Big Candle: 180ml, burning 35hrs


About this scent:

Manchester Candles Breathe fragrance is your perfect meditation companion. With top notes of sweet amber for producing clarity and often associated with truth-seeking. It can help produce a higher level of focus during meditation.

White musk restores balance, and helps to re-align energies

Heart notes of softly spiced pink peppercorns and a gentle wisp of geranium stems to promote relaxation.

This leads into a base of warm patchouli to calm and ground and buttery Madagascan vanilla pods to aid with concentration.

When looking for fragrances for meditation, sandalwood is an excellent choice because it is very calming and helps inspire a sense of inner peace, allowing you to focus on your breath more easily. It’s also good for dealing with stress.

In Buddhism, the sandalwood scent is believed to be able to transform your desires and help you remain alert while meditating. As you would expect, sandalwood has a woody scent with a bit of sweetness.

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